MegAlert is committed to making the workplace safer by bringing you devices that provide “hands-off” testing, which can prevent disastrous accidents from occurring and even saves lives. With an estimated five to ten arc flash accidents occurring daily – far too often resulting in fatalities – motor and generator safety is more important than ever. Our devices allow for required testing to be done from outside of the cabinet, protecting personnel from exposure to potentially deadly arc flashes. Give yourself the added comfort and confidence of a safer workplace with MegAlert.
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Our products are designed with your need for reliability in mind, ensuring that you experience minimal downtime from your motors and generators. At MegAlert, we bring you the only permanently installed true dielectric insulation resistance tester in the world. Our devices test automatically when they detect your motor or generator is offline to ensure improvement in plant and machine reliability. Having a highly reliable indicator of a motor or generator’s probability for failure on startup is crucial, allowing you to reduce unscheduled downtime and save on potentially disastrous repair costs.
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Cost Savings

Our commitment to bringing you products that create a much safer and more reliable work environment comes with the added benefit of cost savings in crucial areas of operation. with less downtime and fewer unscheduled repairs, as well as an increase in personnel safety, you can be confident MegAlert will benefit you and your operation.
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