The Only Permanently Installed Full Voltage Electrical Insulation Resistance Tester

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MegAlert – The only automatic permanently installed “True Dielectric” Insulation Resistance Testers and Monitors with 500-5000 VDC test outputs.

MegAlert manufactures the MotorGuard and GenGuard patented testing and protection systems designed to detect insulation breakdown in critical motors and generators. The system senses when the motor or generator is offline and then performs a continuous dielectric test on the winding insulation until the equipment is started again.

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  • smallSafetyMegAlert is committed to making the workplace safer by bringing you devices that provide “hands-off” testing.
  • smallReliabilityOur products are designed with your need for reliability in mind.
  • smallCost Savings Our commitment to bringing you products that create a much safer
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  • smallMotorGuard MotorGuard is an automatic insulation resistance tester that monitors critical-duty motors
  • smallGenGuardGenGuard is an automatic insulation resistance tester that monitors critical-duty
  • smallCableGuardCableGuard is an automatic insulation resistance tester
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  • smallAC/DC Motors MegAlert works on almost any AC/DC motor.
  • smallAC/DC Generators Protect your investment in your grounded or ungrounded generators.
  • smallTransformers and lighting Cables Increases reliability of cables including ship to shore and runway cables.
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