Hello!   Today I wanted to talk a little bit about our products and what we do. MegAlert is a manufacturer or Process Control Instruments that specializes in insulation resistance testers. In fact, we are the only producer of true dielectric insulation resistance testers in the world! We offer a wide variety of products to fit all different kinds of motors and generators. The purpose of our protection systems are to stop motor malfunctions before they happen. Our guards detect the deterioration of motor insulation and alert operators and managers of problems arising in the motor that could  lead to critical errors or breakdowns. Our goal is to provide a means for your company to stop potentially disastrous malfunctions before they happen. So what specific products do we offer?   MegAlert manufactures several different types of motor guards that are specifically built to function in different situations and on different motors. Some examples of products that we offer are MotorGuard, GenGuard, PumpGuard, and CableGuard. These are different insulation resistance testers that are built to meet the needs of all different kinds of motors and generators. Their different applications can be found in their names themselves! For example; MotorGuards are used in motors, GenGuards for generators, etc. It is easy to find a system that will protect you in the specific areas that you need it. As you can see, MegAlert is dedicated to making sure that your company is safe from motor malfunctions and arc flash. Through our diverse product line, we offer options to specifically match the needs of our customers. If you are interested in saving money, increasing workplace safety, and avoiding potential extended down-time of operations, check out MegAlert; the leader in motor protection systems technology.